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Cycle Mechanic and Bikepacking Rider in Glasgow, Scotland.

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13 October 2023

L'esperit de Girona


The finish line at St Grau. Credit: Tom Hardie via bikepacking.com

Last month, I participated in L’Esperit de Girona. This was my first ever ultra-distance event, and signing up last minute I was preparing for it full-time this summer. Starting at the tail end of a virus, the event was full of highs and lows beyond any other I have experienced. I finished 6th and last out of 14 entrants in 8 days, 11 hours and 10 minutes, and was humbled to see my name on bikepacking.com the following day.

You can read about it here: https://bikepacking.com/news/emil-carr-ross-lesperit-de-girona-2023/