Emil Carr-Ross


Cycle Mechanic and Bikepacking Rider in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Emil fixing an e-bike at Mt Vernon community centre

What I Do

Primarily, I’m a cycle mechanic and love anything and everything on one, two or three wheels. I’ve been working in the industry for two years and as a fast learner have gained a wealth of experience and mechanical knowledge. I love building wheels and deep-diving into the engineering and maths of what I’m doing, and learning about material properties.

I love teaching, and hope to spend more of my time sharing everything I have learned and helping other people enter the cycling industry.

When I’m not fixing bikes, I’m probably riding bikes. I love going on long rides on a Sunday through the Scottish moorelands around Glasgow and occasionally venture out further into the Highlands and Trossachs. I’m just getting into bikepacking and ultra-distance riding, and hope to enter a few events next year after riding my first ultra event in 2023

The finish line at St Grau. Credit: Tom Hardie via bikepacking.com

I occasionally dabble in the weird and wonderful world of Modular Synthesis, with a long-held fascination in Electronic Engineering. I have more hobby-electronics projects than I can currently keep up with. I also enjoy the odd bit of coding here and there, and try to make or do something regularly enough to maintain my skills. I also find my programming knowledge useful in my day-to-day work to automate the little things. You can have a look at my github profile to see what I’ve done.

I like taking pictures of my bike rides, of my friends, and of interesting architecture. Usually shooting on 35mm film, you can find some of the pictures I’ve taken on this site.

I occasionally do freelance boudoir modelling, or just for fun. View my portfolio on my PurplePort or email me to enquire.

Boudoir shot of Emil surrounded by mirrors

Where I Work

I work part-time as a Project Worker for Bikes for Refugees Scotland. This is my main living and takes up the bulk of my time. You can read more about Bikes for Refugees and find my work contact details at bikesforrefugees.scot

I’m a founding director of Dynamo Glasgow CIC. We’re a new, feminist, queer-led cycling and maintenance project in Glasgow. You can read more about us at dynamocic.org. Currently, I’m taking a step back from much of this work while my colleagues do a fine job.


You can contact me at mail@emilcarr.scot or on any of my socials linked below. I look forward to hearing from you!